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Homebrew Fast Switching and Multitasking App For WP7 Is Impressive

Jaxbot, who first uncovered the fast switching hack (which disables dehydration on all apps) has now put together a program that takes advantage of that by allowing you to multitask and switch apps faster through his app, which is triggered by a half press of the camera button. The ability to modify a hardware button is a trick worthy of its own applause by the way. Here it is in action and as you can see, this would be very useful to switch between apps and call up frequently used apps:

I want to be clear that this is not multitasking. This is still task switching. You can see on the timer, for example,t hat it resumes from 50 seconds to 80 seconds. That means it saved its old state and when it was resumed it continued from a point in time it referenced. If it were multitasking it would have already been at 80 seconds. UPDATE: Jaxbot notes that this is multitasking: ”Actually, this is multitasking. The threads are run in the background, but the textbox control has to update when the app returns. This is proven by the fact the application can detect if the half shutter button is being pressed, and call the function to navigate to it. I can show you if you don’t believe me ;)” Wow

Very impressive. It’s not available yet but we’ll keep you posted.

via WindowsPhoneHacker

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