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Horizon Battery Offers Affordable iPhone Battery Case

For those of you not happy with the battery life of your iPhone 4S, and I think that’s a lot of you, Horizon has something that you might be interested in. It’s called the Ansmann iPhone Battery Case and supposedly it can prolong the life of your battery by up to 70%. Price is $39.99, and that’s about right.

For a few dollars more than a quality protective case, iPhone 4 owners can consider an integrated iPhone Battery Case from Horizon Battery. This sleek, powerful battery case boosts the internal battery life by more than 70% and provides the “smart phone warrior” with extended use time and less charge time.

For those who virtually “live” on their iPhone, the Ansmann iPhone battery can case lasts for a days – without the need to recharge. The more "occasional" user benefits too –since all the iPhone 4S updates, including the new “Siri” feature, increase network access – and battery usage.

Obviously, battery cases for mobile phones are by no means a new idea. The trick is to find quality without spending as much as the phone itself. Make sure the warranty outlasts the phone’s 2-year service agreement. The Ansmann iPhone Battery Case includes a no-nonsense, 3-year replacement warranty.

Other features include:

  •     Convenient, rapid, recharge in less than 2 hours.
  •     Slim-line, 1700 mah Li-Polymer battery – the perfect size and strength.
  •     Seamless charging and syncing to iTunes without removing the phone from the case.
  •     Only 65g in weight — 10g less than other cases selling for double the price.
  •     No signal interference with operation of iPhone


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