Cool story ahead: Brandon Foy, a creative guy who loves his Windows Phone 7, created a short video promoting WP7. (video below).

Microsoft did not ignore him, and presented this video in different events. Now, the company decided to hire him as a User Experience Designer, part of the Windows team – how cool is that?

Here’s his first tweet as a Microsoft employee:

Way to go Microsoft, way to go Brandon, (way to go Google for a great YouTube exposure?).

Now check this one out Microsoft: the beautiful images below? That’s mine. Yep, did it all by myself. The work of my 2 bare hands – one holding a mouse, the other (occasionally) clicking the keyboard. but there’s a brain behind them. A thinking person. Someone who understands the human mind… (is it working? did I get some attention?) That’s right MS: that awesome piece of art? All me. Gil Bouhnick, this is the name. My own Photoshop work, right there… You can find me in Twitter too you know: @MobileSpoon. Or by email if you prefer – I’m flexible (although busy… I’m a very very busy guy…). That’s right… and believe me there’s more from where it came from…


Originally posted for the mobile spoon.


  1. @Murali: Gil has been a friend of mine for a very long time and posts his stuff here on occasion. We try to help each other out when we can.

  2. Oops, sorry guys, my RSS Reader was not completely up to date last time I went over the latest posts! Haven’t noticed the story was already here!

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