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How to: Change your Windows Mobile sounds. All of them…

If you like tweaking around your WinMo phone, here’s a great way to control the entire sounds system, including the ones which are hidden somewhere in the system registry.

brins0 (maker of Gyrator… what do you mean you don’t know Gyrator? So how to you automatically rotate your Diamond screen? Check it out in here) has released another free app for us tweakers, called Tonality that controls all the hidden sounds of Windows Mobile.

The tool works with wav, mp3 and audio files, but it does require .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (if you don’t have it yet, it’s about time to install it, because most of the new stuff now requires it).

There may be some errors on first run, it’s nothing, ignore them, it’s just the ‘format device‘ command… (OK, joking, it’s a joke… probably a bad one…).

Changes are saved when soft reseting the device.

OK, enough talking. It’s tweaks we want! Download Tonality and enjoy.