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Mobility Digest Review: HTC CR C600 Desktop Cradle for HTC TITAN

Got a new phone, you’ve got to get accessories for it right? I know I do, when I get a new phone I go and get accessories like cases, screen protectors and maybe a dock. Today for review I’ve got the official HTC branded cradle or dock for the HTC Titan which is just named the HTC CR C600 Desktop Cradle. It’s very simple and basic, but it works to keep your phone off your desk and charged or synced at the same time.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Mobile Fun

Price: £27.95 / $43.85

Overall Rating: 4/5



HTC CR C600 Desktop Cradle for HTC TITAN

Synchronizes and charges the HTC TITAN simultaneously
The HTC CR C600 Desktop Cradle is the perfect partner for the TITAN smartphone. It is designed to allow you to quickly and easily place your phone in the dock, whereby it will allow you to synchronize your files with your PC and fully charge your device. It also holds your phone at  convenient angle for viewing the web, playing games and watching movies.

Stylish and discreet design
Made to fit into any surroundings, the HTC CR C600 is small but stylish, with a sleek glossy black finish. The footprint of the cradle is made to be as small as possible, so it doesn’t take up much space on your desktop or bedside table.

Genuine HTC accessory made for the HTC TITAN
This cradle is made specifically for the TITAN by HTC, so you can be sure of perfect compatibility and fit as well as a product made to the highest quality standards.

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What’s in the Box?

So it’s an official HTC product in an HTC branded box. It’s a white box with a picture on the front and a little information on the back.

Inside the box you’ll find a paper or cardboard tray with the dock in it and a very brief user manual that tells you to download the dock mode app before using the dock or cradle. Yes there’s no cable included.

So here’s the dock, yes it’s rather plain, just a groove for the phone and a micro USB connector. The dock is a very glossy black that attracts dust and fingerprints like crazy…

On the back of the dock is another micro USB connection. This connector is to be used with the cable that came with your phone to charge and/or sync.

On the bottom you’ll see four rubber feet to keep the cradle in place and HTC logo long with other tech info.


Impressions / Review:

So using it couldn’t be simpler. Plug your micro UCB cable into it then put your phone in the cradle and you’re done. Don’t forget to download the dock app first though.

I have an official HTC case for my Titan and I can’t use it with the dock. You must take your phone from the case to us it with this cradle which is annoying I think as some cases can be rather difficult to take off.

Here’s my Titan in dock mode in the cradle:

You can see just by minimally handling the dock there’s smudges and fingerprints on it already. Personally I wouldn’t choose glossy black for anything, yes it looks great but it’s not practical nor does it look good anymore after a couple times using it.

So it works, and it keeps your phone out of the way basically.

I don’t think I like the dock mode though, I wish it had a way to show emails but it only shows weather, time, audio and it can do a slideshow. Then again if you don’t use dock mode you’re stuck with portrait only mode on the phone, so everything is sideways.


So I guess we should expect to pay a premium for official HTC products and this certainly true for this dock. Thankfully I got this for review, but I wouldn’t pay $40+ for it that it’s selling for, especially since it doesn’t even come with a cable.

Yes it works, it’s well made and it looks nice.


+Simple and easy to use
+Works fine
+Seems well made


-Rather expensive for a dock
-No cable included
-Attracts fingerprints
-Can’t use with case on