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How to get rid Newsstand on your iPhone [sorta]

I will be the first to admit that I have massive smartphone OCD. I can stand for scratches to be on my phones and it drives me crazy to have apps, widgets, and other crap spread out all over the desktop. I have a lot of apps that I use and they are all housed in a folder on the second screen. Each folder labeled and in alphabetical order. But since downloading iOS 5, one thing has thrown a monkey wrench in my organized folder arrangement and that is Newsstand. Newsstand, as it turns out is actually a folder itself so it is not possible to move it into another folder. Delete it you say? No ah ah. Apple has seen fit to make this folder a permanent resident of your device. Since I really don’t care about magazine subscriptions and hate the fact Apple is “making” me have something I don’t want, I went looking for an unjailbroken option.

The first option upon searching for a cure for this unwanted resident was to restrict it using the Restrictions options in the Settings. There is no option for Newsstand in the Restrictions page so off to Google more methods. As it turns out there is no way to delete it as I mentioned above, but there is skillful little way to hide it in another folder. Wait, I said earlier that wasn’t possible. Technically it isn’t by dropping it right into a pre existing folder, but what is possible is to sneak it into a folder during the process of the iPhone generating a new folder by combining two apps together.

In my case I had a couple apps sitting next to the Newsstand app. Family Feud with Friends and the Kindle app. So what you do is create a folder with these two by dragging one on top the other and while the folder is being created you must QUICKLY drag the Newsstand app on this folder during the generation of it. Make sense? Well, don’t sweat it if it doesn’t happen on the first try, some people have had to try it multiple times.  I got lucky and nailed it the first time.

One other thing you all need to know about. If you manage to get the Newsstand app into the folder, if you tap it while inside of the folder it will reset your phone. There had to be some kind of downside right? Make sure you unload the other apps in the folder and get your Newsstand app onto the desktop before using it again or be prepared to wait while your iPhone resets.


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