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iOS 7 Compatibility Chart For Older Devices

Sooner or later the new iPhone 5S or whatever they are going to call it is going to come out and I am sure it will sell very well like all Apple devices have in the past. Even the marginal or incremental updates like the iPhone 4S. It looks like we will be seeing another incremental update with the 5S coming perhaps this October. So the real question is whether the new OS that is coming out soon, iOS 7 will be backwards compatible which Apple has always been good about doing.

For the earlier iPhones, the 5th version will get all the goodies that comes along with iOS 7, but the 4S will loose the camera filters and AirDrop. The iPhone 4 will also not be getting panorama. For iPad owners, the Mini will get everything except Panorama and Camera Filters, the 3rd and 4th gen as well as earlier iPads will not be getting Panorama or Filters either. AirDrop will only work on the 4th Generation and Mini.

Check out the the chart below for more information. If you are an Apple iPhone or iPad fan and want a place to hang out and blog your thoughts and opinions, send us and email. We are looking for more Apple fans and need more content for iOS as well as Android. Let us know !



(Source: TheAppleLounge via: CultofMac)

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