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How to prop up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet while relaxing!

There are a variety of different ways to prop up your tablet while kicking back and Chillaxin’, but the best way I have come across yet is most likely not going to be possible for the majority of you! It requires having two Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch tablets to prop up your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch tablet! I don’t know too many people, actually, I don’t know anyone with three tablets, but if you find yourself needing to lay back and put your feet up while using your Tablet, then grab those extra devices and relax like Patrick here!

Did anyone miss the Thunderbolt sitting on his leg next to one of the two 7 inch tabs? LOL

If you have a cool picture with a Mobility slant to it, send it to us. We would love to get some reader pictures posted with your devices!

Thanks Matt Anderson!