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Make A Shortcut To Anything

There are lots of reasons to make a shortcut – some applications are just .exe files so you need a shortcut created to easily access it or maybe you want a shortcut of a specific song or specific picture right in your programs directory. Specialized shortcuts were also needed when mapping the PTT button on the Fuze. One other benefit is that once you use this app you can add a shortcut in your TF3D Programs tab for just about anything – a song, a photo, etc…So this makes it easier to make shortcuts in your Programs directory and your TF3D tab (as well as anywhere else).  Cichy3000 of XDA has made Link Creator – a simple application that works to accomplish all of this and it’s pretty slick looking as well.

There is a slight delay in populating some of the options but this is not a program flaw – it’s because our phones take a long time to make these massive lists of all files on the phone, particularly when it’s something in the \Windows directory, so give your phone a chance. It’s worth the delay though since once you have the shortcut it will save you time every time you launch the program.

Check out this link for some more photos of it in action. The download link for the application is in the fourth post or you can just click here.

Great work cichy3000!