Just got an email from OnTheGoSolutions.com and they are telling me that they now have in stock the HTC Desire Android Device in three flavors including a USA Version with the 850MHz Bandwidth to work on AT&T’s 3G network. Check them out:

HTC_DESIRE_med_int HTC Desire – Unlocked Quadband GSM, International 3G (900/2100Mhz)
The HTC Desire International suits customers who primarily need international 3G on the 2100MHz frequency. This would include European countries, Russia, Far East, and the Middle East.
T-Mobile USA customers could use this product as well, because HTC does not make a Desire that takes advantage of the T-Mobile 1700MHz 3G network.
This phone is HTC branded, and ships with HTC’s latest software.    more info

HTC_DESIRE_TELSTRA_med HTC Desire Telstra – Unlocked GSM, US & International 3G (850/2100Mhz)
The HTC Desire Telstra suits customers who want North American 3G 850Mhz (AT&T, Telius, Rogers, etc), South American 3G 850Mhz (Claro Brazil, TelCel Mexico, etc), and International 3G 2100MHz frequency.
On AT&T, internet speeds were measured above 2500 Kbps, over 3 times the average speed for AT&T 3G devices (mobilespeedtest.com).
This phone is Telstra branded, with Telstra specific applications, user-interface, and internet settings embedded into the phone.    more info

HHTC_DESIRE_US_med_2 TC Desire US – Unlocked GSM, US & International 3G (850/2100Mhz)
The HTC Desire US is our flagship product. Starting off with a Telstra Desire, we remove the Telstra ROM, and install the pure HTC Android ROM. This enhances your product in several important ways:

  • Removes all Telstra software, data-settings, links and branding
  • Solves a known GPS problem on the Telstra units
  • Adds HTC Android applications and advanced functionality
  • Adds automatic setup of your data / mms settings, just by inserting your sim!
  • Qualifies for Over-The-Air HTC Android updates

Again, on AT&T, internet speeds were measured above 2500Kbps, over three times the average speed for AT&T 3G devices (www.mobilespeedtest.com)   more info

For more Information and pricing, head on over to OnTheGoSolutions.com and feed your own “Desire” to have an excellent android device!


  1. Bought a new Desire about a month ago as a business cellphone however am very dissatisfied , firstly i would have about 900 contacts on my prior XDA and was able to view by company or personal, not so on Desire only by personal which is of no use particularly with no search option either. Android 2.2 is intended to have search facility but not different view option launch date seems to differ each time . Battery pretty good approx 18 hrs medium usage. Bluetooth poor, paired with parrott car kit ok for day or so however won’t connect even by unpairing and pairing new, same problem with wireless bluetooth headset……..any ideas

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