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Starbucks Mischief

Had a little fun in Starbucks with some software you sure won’t find on the App Store, DroidSheep, FaceSniff and WifiKill.

I think you need some sort of personality disorder to fully appreciate them, but they do have some nerd value so let’s take them for a spin. To spare you my signature longwindedness I’ll use pictures this time:

Signal bars are for sissies:

Seems Google pulled it from the market and made it super difficult to find, unless you’re really clever:

The thing above the apk download is httpmon which, though less sexy, is actually useful. Note that Android had this sophisticated technology before I was even born:

I find the name offensive.

Here we go! Random URLs and numbers baby!

Now we’re getting somewhere. Better blur these guys out a bit. Respect the privacy:

Step this up a notch?

I wonder what “Open site” will do? Probably something underwhelming, so let’s leave it a mystery with me only pretending to tap it:

Perhaps I can sniff faster if I DOS everybody?

Nah, too uncool, won’t do that. But I tested it at home and I can tell you that it does work.

To try to hedge the negative contribution to society I may be making by posting this I’ll offer an honorable mention to Wifi Protector by Gurkedev from XDA, something that defends you from these hacking apps. Anyway, wild stuff, right? Ehh, scrolling through these pictures, maybe not so wild actually (sorry). One part of me is saying I should probably run this by the MobilityDigest legal team first but another part is noting that there’s no such thing.