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HTC HD2 Goes Heads Up Against iPhone 3GS

Brandon over at has the HTC HD2 and put the Opera Mobile Browser to the test against the Apple iPhone 3GS. As you know Safari and the iPhone have done quite well and load pages pretty fast. The iPhone has killed past WinMo devices with its Capacitive/Touch-Screen that uses the Pinch to zoom capability. Well now the HTC HD2 also has the Capacitive/Touch-Screen plus Pinch to zoom capabilities as well as the 1gHz Snapdragon Processor. After watching the video, which compared the two devices over a WiFi Network, the HTC HD2 really impresses with it’s massive screen size. So much more content is visible. But if I am keeping it fair, the iPhone did not ever seem to have any Checkerboard (where the swipe moved the screen faster than the device could render the page and left blank checkerboard background). With that being said, the HD2 did appear to load a lot of the pages faster than the iPhone, but only slightly at best. so who won the contest? I feel that the HTC HD2 has an edge because of the huge screen and extremely fast processor. The iPhone still does an excellent job loading pages fast, and the pinch to zoom works pretty well.

Watch the video and let us know what you think of the video and drop a comment.