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HTC Tilt vs. Fuze: 5 years from now, which one will be remembered?

Tilt vs. Fuze.
What a match.
Old vs. New.
Well known vs. Hot.

What do you think?

Of course, the Fuze is newer, better looking, and won the contest we made called "the best smartphone in the world", but my question is: which one will be better remembered in few years from now?

Here’s my thoughts about it – some of the things that popped to my brain when I just started comparing between the two:

To tilt or not to tilt?

Well, the tilt did have something that the Fuze/Pro doesn’t have: the ability to Tilt the screen when the keyboard is open.

Personally I didn’t use it a lot, but hey, it’s a cool feature that turns your phone into a mini-laptop. I’m sure some users used it all the time.

Hardware Buttons

Start menu, Camera, Email, and most of all – D-Pad which is actually working as it should! All of those were part of the Tilt.

For me, the biggest weakness of the Fuze is that front panel with the D-Pad and hardware buttons which I find irritating and hard to operate.

QWERTY Keyboard

Tilt used to have shortcuts to the soft keys menus built-in inside the QWERTY keyboards, I miss that in the Fuze / Pro.
On the other hand, Fuze has 5 rows QWERTY that some people may find better than the 4 rows on the Tilt.


I know, I know, Fuze should work faster, but I think that in terms of user experience, the Tilt worked simply faster. Maybe it’s the TouchFlo, maybe it’s just the fact that the Fuze is absolutely loaded with additional applications and WinMo hacks. Bottom line is that the Tilt felt free and happy, while the Fuze is somewhat heavier.

VGA Screen

OK, you got me here, Fuze, Can’t argue that the VGA display is absolutely beautiful (even though some old applications don’t work properly on it, but never mind that…)

Storage mode USB

This one is a nice improvement in the Fuze, if you have no idea what it means you probably don’t need this feature… 😉


You may think it’s too slow, you may not like some of it, you may turn it off in favor of SPB MobileShell, but all in all, the TouchFlo 3D is a great shell application which covers 80%-90% of the common functionality required form a phone. It definitely makes the Fuze more user friendly than the Tilt.


OK, so those are the things I can think of at the moment.

The Fuze/Pro is of course an improved version of the Tilt, but somehow I believe that in few years, people will remember the Tilt as one of the milestones in WinMo/HTC devices evolution, while the Fuze/Pro will be just another great device out of a collection of few.

I will be happy to hear (actually read) your thoughts about it: will the Fuze become more famous than the Tilt? And of course, why?

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