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HTC to release a 7-inch Windows RT device that makes phone calls in 2013

imageWait what? It’s 7”, Windows RT based and makes calls. And it’s not Windows Phone OS – it’s RT based. This is according to Bloomberg who claims that HTC is working on two Windows RT tablets – a 12” and 7” device, with the 7” having phone call capabilities. These are rumored for Q3 2013. HTC recently said they scrapped a larger Windows Phone because of the lack of high resolution support, but WinRT is capable of higher resolutions. This is interesting as Windows Phone seems to have a 5” and below market whereas 7”+ will be for Windows RT. Not sure if this is good or bad as the app markets are different. This is also rumored to be the first 7” WinRT device (really, a Nook won’t come first?). But we’ll have to see how Microsoft optimizes RT for smaller devices. I don’t love the fragmentation – a phone that’s not running the Phone OS and a different market.

I think they need to standardize their OS line further and move the Phone OS to a purer RT core with a market based on resolution and capabilities. I do like where this is headed though.

[Yes that’s an internet mock-up in the photo]