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HTC Touch Pro II Coming To Netherlands & Belgium In May?

Looks like we could be seeing the much anticipated HTC Touch Pro II arrive to market a little sooner than expected! This of course right on the heels of HTC Q1 Earnings being down because of Shipping Delays. Looks like they lit the fire back under the Production Manager’s rear end after all!

According to who got the goods while interviewing an HTC “Member” at the TeleVisie2009, it was leaked that the Dutch and Belgian Markets would see the Rhodium in Mid May!

Great news for all you Dutch and Belgian Customers, we here in the states will have to wait for T-Mobile to bring us the goodness on July 22. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest!

Any AT&T tipsters out there?

Thanks to Tipster Giannis!

PS: Sorry for the typo in the title – I let my dog write this posting and he totally blew it. Last time I let Rusty post without reviewing his work:)