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HTC TouchFlo 3D 2.5 Video Shows Deeper Integration Into Windows Than Ever Before

Back on June 30th David K wrote a great article “What’s Your UI?” that breaks down all the different UI’s available and some of the highlights about each one. David then invited all of you to vote (you did vote right?) and the results were very surprising. In first place was Point UI and in second place was TouchFlo 3D (and TF3D 2.5). I was very surprised because I would have thought for sure Windows Mobile 6.5 would have done much better with the tons of Cooked ROM’s now sporting the UI. Our Forums have been very positive with the WinMo 6.5 UI. I however, have not been that knocked out with it and have stayed with TF3D from the TP2 and the Tachi Dialer. But in the What’s Your UI? article David briefly introduces TF3D 2.5 and sets the stage for what we have in store for you today! got their hands on a ROM from HTC that has the TouchFlo 3D 2.5 UI included and dropped this video on us! Before you watch it let me point out that it is very buggy and locked up at the end of the video, but it is clear that HTC has put a lot of time and energy into eliminating the Windows Mobile UI entirely from their devices. Check this video out: 

Impressed right? As Brandon points out the large icons do lead one to believe that a capacitive screen is on the horizon from HTC. The possibility that HTC might soon be dropping a capacitive screen on us is just awesome! I know David and I both have been waiting for Windows Mobile devices to come with a capacitive screen for a long time, so this is almost a dream come true! Now you can only vote once on our Poll, but for all of you that have just seen HTC’s TouchFlo 3D 2.5 in action, does this change your mind? Rock on HTC!