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HTC Weather Master 1.0.b4 Released

Even though we normally do not write an article for every updated application that comes along, but I thought that this one was news worthy enough to post. If you remember back to January 29th, Steve posted that HTC Weather Master was released and developer JoeWilcox has been busy updating this software. Well, today he released HTC Weather Master 1.0.b4 which has some very cool updates in it that I think everyone should know about and make sure you update!

Check them out:

  • Manage your current city list, delete cities, add them, change their order
  • Simplied interface making it easy to add US cities, World-wide cities and Countries…
  • Cooked-In support that allows chefs to force it to load once after the customization reboot…
  • Support for the backing up/restoring of your current cities to a storage card…
  • Support for auto-loading of backed up cities upon clean install (when in Cooked-In mode)

I really like the backup feature in this version. I am always flashing new ROM’s and this will allow me to save some time when setting my Fuze up after the latest ROM Flash! So hats off to JoeWilcox for continuing to update his very useful Software, HTC Weather Master 1.0.b4!

Get HTC Weather Master 1.0.b4 by clicking HERE or just head on over to XDA!