So there aren’t a lot of details here but Engadget has photos of an HTC phone with a 3.7” SLCD, 1ghz Snapdragon and an 8mp camera wit a singe LED flash. It’s also noted that the three buttons are touch sensitive (like the Fuze which carried a capacitive DPad) and is CDMA based, Wish we had some shots of the side so we can see how slim it is. It also makes me ask what Gesture Bester and BatteryTool are, which are both listed apps.

Anyway, we new that HTC was close to MS but it’s still nice to see an actual device.



  1. All I know is that if HTC brings this to the American market this fall without a flash for the camera and nothing at all noteworthy about it they will have dug themselves a serious hole. Not to mention the phone looks, well, plain jane. Ugh, expected alot more out of HTC’s first offering. I’m hoping that this is just a lower end phone to go with the high end spec’d out phone we all really want HTC to produce with a 4+ inch screen and killer features.

  2. The design is a little bit “meh”, i maybe expected too much from HTC. The HD2 is much better looking for instance

    Just a thought : From the HSPASetting app, i’m not sure this phone is heading to Verizon (HSPA is GSM-based)

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