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Huff and Puff For Windows Mobile Looks Sick!

Wow, look out Angry Birds cause Huff and Puff may have just stolen a page from your playbook and overtaken you for what appears to be an incredibly sharp physics/logic game with enough variables to keep you going until you beat it. So it looks like Angry Birds but instead you’re the wolf trying to get the pigs and the food that you collect give you variables on how your breath works against the pigs and the elements.

Let’s do their description and then the must watch video:

Blow down houses in one wolf’s eternal quest for more meat in this charming game of puzzles, physics and pigs. Use your big bad breath, fabulous food and the almighty power of physics to solve over 40 levels of piggy predicaments. The pigs think they’re safe. Oh how wrong they are. BREATHTAKING GAMEPLAY Wield the traditional weapon of the big bad wolf: his big bad breath. The pigs hide inside houses, sheds and bunkers. None are safe against the power of your incredible exhalation! PUZZLING PHYSICS Expertly take apart your prey’s defenses. Collapse roofs, ricochet against walls, even curve your breath with the aid of the wind! A smart wolf is a satisfied wolf. POWER UP WITH FABULOUS FOOD Tasty pigs hidden inside a pesky farmhouse? Pop a Chilli and roast it to the ground! Shatter solid objects with the miraculous power of Ice Cream! Even flood their little hidey holes with pungent Onion breath! None are safe! COLLECT MEAT Attain mastery of body and breath! Clear levels perfectly to collect the most amount of meat, leading to more pigs and meaty mayhem! What’s that? Why do you need so much meat, you say? Silly wolf, do you even need to ask?


  • Over 40 levels to solve!
  • Play with the touchscreen, or the mic! Your game, your choice!
  • Puzzle action at its finest! Win levels with finesse, not just brute force!
  • Collect meat to unlock levels, and then collect more! Play perfectly to maximize your meat!

This is available in the Windows Mobile (yup 6.5 world) Marketplace now for just $2.You can check out their website for more info on the game. Maybe I’m just so excited because Windows Mobile never gets this caliber of game. Hey, bring this to Windows Phone 7 please!