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HuffPost and Brandon Wade are helping your daughter be the best prostitute she can.

The internet is a dangerous and mostly disgusting place for us humans to hide while indulging our hidden desires. It may not have been its original intention, but humans know a good thing when we see it. This was no exception. We took it and Usain Bolt ran head first. The internet has literally everything on it, but that’s not a good thing. Enter Mr. Brandon Wade.

Mr. Wade is an MIT graduate with an undergrad in electrical engineering and a master’s in business administration. With all this intense schooling and a general lack of luck with the ladies, Wade came to what some would call an epiphany. I think the word is too positive for an idea that skirts the legalities of human sex trafficking on the internet.

Mr. Wade has created a host of “dating” websites. I use the word dating as loose as I imagine Mr. Wade’s morals. These dating websites operate on a pretty basic premise. Young college age females register for one half of the site, while the other half is populated by older successful business men. The idea is as bullshit as Backpage and a very dangerous proposition. The most prominent is called “Seeking Arrangement” where the females are propositioned for “dates” with these men. No prices are shown on the site and no mention of sex. You know, plausible deniability and what-not. This is also not his only site.

There is the popular “What’s Your Price” which basically has men bidding on women like ebay for dates. The newer “Miss Travel” where men can hire girls to accompany them on travels and business trips all over the world. This is probably the most terrifying of all the sites and the most open for abuse. Think for a minute:

The daughter that you watched be born, raised, gave everything you had to support her and give her every opportunity to follow her dreams. Now she’s 18 and going off to college. “All grown up” you’re thinking to yourself as you drop her off for her first year at State wherever. Well at some point during those four years, with the increasing cost of education, books, living, and a crappy job market, your little princess can’t seem to afford to follow those dreams. That is until her new college “best friend” shows her a little website that can make everything easy for her. Not only is she getting paid, but she’s getting paid to go on lavish vacations, expensive dinners in the city, huge events and premiers filled with celebrities. And, you know, sleeping with sleazy old men for a paycheck. But these events don’t all happen on our American soil. Nope.  Your daughter, as deep as she’s gotten, is now being flown all over the world with these men. Sometimes to parties for the sole purpose of mingling these attractive young women with as large a group of older sleaze balls as possible.  This would be awful by itself, but there is an entire supporting industry popping up around this called “Sugar Babby Coaching” who’s goal is nothing more than helping that daughter of yours become a better prostitute.

Not only is this deeply unsettling that our society capitulates with this behavior against the young, impressionable, and highly preyed upon group, but we have major internet publishers posting tips for doing this kind of morally baseless behavior better!!!  Yes, that’s Huffington Post publishing articles, aimed at young college girls, teaching them how to prostitute themselves better. All done with zero empathy or feeling of responsibility for the dangerous lifestyle they are normalizing.

Normally this is where I try to ask the readers something poignant or funny to hopefully get some engagement from you people. Instead I’m just going to end with this: Fuck Huffington Post and Brandon Wade.