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Hurry up! For a limited time you can get access to Sway!

Remember, Microsoft recently announced “Sway”, a new application in the Microsoft Office portfolio. This allows users to present their innovative ideas and lifestyle in a unique way. Sway, is an online tool, which is part of Office and helps users to grab content from their OneDrive account, YouTube videos etc., and render the presentations, share them.

Sway website says “Sway is an app for expressing your ideas in an entirely new way, across your devices. ” and Use Sway to easily create and share a polished, interactive, web-based canvas of your ideas with family, friends, teachers, and coworkers. Sway makes sure your creation looks great on any screen.

Since it is in preview stage, Microsoft announced it will be available by invitation. But for a limited time the invitation is open to anyone. So hurry up and get your Sway started here.