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Updates Everywhere

I was doing a little more perusing and saw a few more recent updates to SkyFire, Manila Today Page, Advanced Caller ID and Contact Cleaner.

Hit the jump for the info:


So here we go. First up is SkyFire:

Since our Skyfire 1.0 launch, we’ve fixed a few bugs and are releasing this new update. We encourage you to upgrade today by going to with your device.

The release versions are: for Windows Mobile touch and non-touch

What’s new in this 1.0 update?

  • Reduced Memory footprint. We reduced the memory footprint of Skyfire for both Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. This should help folks reporting issues on memory constrained devices.

Fixes in this release

  • History is presented in the proper order.
  • Sharing links via SMS are handled more reliably.
  • Reconnect correctly loads the last page in history plus we’ve improved reliability.
  • Site specific issues have been resolved for and
  • Zoom buttons behave properly and disappear after a couple of seconds.
  • Default browser setting works more consistently.

Next up is Manila Today Page which we discussed here (the app that adds a standard WM today page as a TF3D tab) which is up to v.4:

  • Change: Plugin settings system

  • New: Vertical scroll support

  • New: Landscape mode support (test version)

  • The latest cab can be found here.

    Let’s move on to Advanced Caller ID which we discussed here (which gives you more info on your caller). Version .5 was released with the following changes:

    • extended API
    • updated GUI
    • better support for all wm platforms
    • numerous bug fixes

    And finally Contact Cleaner (which removes duplicate items and that now includes appointments and task and a better tool to deal with conflicts) has the following updates in v.99:

  • Scans Contacts, Appointments, Tasks
  • Detection of exact duplicates
  • Detection of near duplicates (same identifier but different properties values)
  • Keep / Merge / Delete tool
  • The latest version is available here.

    I’m not going to make a habit of posting on incremental updates but I saw so many at once I just had to share:)