WP_Advert1Late to the party?  Too late perhaps.  Not a chance, Microsoft’s reimagining of their mobile platform-Windows Phone-is still picking up mindshare and supporters despite what some might have you believe.  Yes Android is taking the world by storm, yes Apple still has the most visible mindshare.  Kudos to both platforms for driving innovation and adoption.  This isn’t an article to bash the others.  The purpose is to remind the pundits that Windows Phone is far from dying, in fact its maturing and filling out quite nicely.

It seems each month there are a couple of standard bearer apps and games that hit the marketplace.  This month is no different.  We have the releases of official Best Buy, Gowalla, Angry Birds, Plant vs Zombies and Kik Messenger.  We hear news of leading mobile medical solution companies investigating the platform for viability and more operators and Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) getting aboard in time for the fall release of Mango.  Counter the continual support developers are giving Windows Phone 7 compared to the abandoning of developers on the Blackberry platform.


I am sure Android and iPhone users laugh as they have had access to such apps for a while now but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that there have been proven signs that there is room for at least three major platforms to succeed.  Windows Phone is poised to take the number 3 spot away from Blackberry and with it comes increased mindshare.

The tale of Windows Phone is one of bold chances spliced with the intent to be the best of both worlds.  Mango delivers an A+ upgrade to the platform and gives the platform a chance to see an explosion in the app marketplace despite Microsoft’s intent on the platform being decidedly info-centric instead of app-centric.  So much attention is being placed on the Microsoft 1st party services and integration that virtually no attention is being paid to the 1500 new APIs that allow such apps as Layar and Skype to now come to the platform.  Music streaming apps like Pandora will now also be able to run in the background.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and I can only imagine the flood of apps that will amaze users of the Windows Phone platform this fall.

So yes Android is King, Apple is Magical and they are terrific in their own ways.  There is a new platform that is attempting to change the conversation with something new to say.  Say hello to Windows Phone.


  1. @efjay: I am very curious what Microsoft is doing about this. We’ve recently seen some tweets that the tattletale website and others are getting Microsoft’s attention.

    I believe that Microsoft is starting to get the hang of marketing the phone now they have to get the carrier stores to support the platform more. Mango solidifies the OS as a contender and I expect the flow of noted apps to make a difference too.

  2. It’d be nice to read a decent WP article that doesn’t repeat the same stupid-ass shit about them being “late” to a party they helped start.

  3. nice article.
    although, aside from msn and skype (skype live maybe:), and multitasking, i’m really not missing anything.
    wp7 is an amazing and incredibly pleasant os to use.

  4. Like what I said back 11/2010 wp7 is here to stay…..stupid people doesn’t realize… This is MSFT, THEY THE BOG DOG WHEN IT COMES TO INNOVATIONS…. NOW PLEASE CARRIERS MARKET THIS SHUT THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!!

  5. Skype is on its way as an app in time for Mango and future updates should bring Skype integration. I also know there is a company that is based on getting popular apps to come to windows phone quicker. Come Mango there will be an overflow of awesome apps.

    Nokia Searay is my next phone unless something tops it. As someone who is going to be writing articles and a media specialist having a powerful camera will be a great phone to have.

  6. Add to that, it’d also be nice to see a WP article that doesn’t come coupled with a gratuitous ball rubbing for android and apple as well.

    Just saying.

  7. How can it be ignoring if we all know they exist? Stating their “positions” in this race has little effect on WP’s success IMO.

  8. @Sean: Yes Windows Phone will succeed based invite own merits. I expect Windows Phone to accelerate in market share.

  9. Get off MS nuts. If you shine up shit, it is still shit. All of you are ass lickers with blinders. They are so many articles about WP7 & Mango coming around, it is the best OS, sales rep don’t support WM7, blah, blah, blah. The bottom line, results are the measuring stick of success and not potential.

    I’m sure everyone here has a lot of potential but until you turn that potential into positive results you are just a JAG (Just Another Guy) and don’t expect to be on Forbes 100 list of rich/successful people.

    If anyone responds to bash my comments , its nothing but an example of you being a nut licker for MS. My statements are not false and not leaning toward one OS or another. Grasp the truth and live with it. The results are not there and no one really can tell if/when that will happen. It is only speculations.

    If MS pulls this off with millions/billions of phones and users, at that time we can talk about how MS introduced a great OS to the masses because the masses accepted, purchased, and supported it. Until then, save your pom-poms and cheerleading skirts for role playing night.

  10. @RowdyC: you really should lighten up, you are taking this too seriously. i personally do not care who successful (or not) wp7 gets, as long as it’s there for me to use and enjoy it.

    I also do not understand why is it not more successful than it is, but thats another story.

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