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I Am #TwittaNinja!

HEY!! You know what I hate about Twitter most? That most of the tweets on a search return are retweets and links dumped from blogs like ours every time they post another dumb article. Am I right?

So I searched for how to search like a ninja on Twitter and struck gold, so let me share some takeaways of this article with you. And this works in both Twitter’s website and apps that I’ve tried.

Now I’m not suggesting the Tea Party is full of redneck idiots, but if you want to search for tweets relating to Tea Party philosophy in the south but don’t want to get retweets or posts with web links in them, right? No problem! Here’s a search that would get the job done (to give you an idea how this works):

tea party RT –filter:links near:Mississippi within:400mi (welfare OR Rand Paul OR Cruz OR immigration OR 2nd Amendment OR debt ceiling OR libtards OR Glenn Beck”) until:2013-10-17

Here’s a link for that search, and here’s another ninja cat doing this thing just below, and here’s a great site if you want to get pumped with more ninja-related content.

These search operators as they’re known, like the minus sign and OR also work on Google, Gmail and many other places — just google “[your online service of interest] search operators” and paint the town. Too damn complicated? Use this thing, but you won’t be a Twitta Ninja in my book, bro.

Doug Simmons