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Quick Tip: Longer Power Cable for Your Phone

I usually like to browse the internet, check my emails or respond to an email before I go to bed but usually by that time my phone is pretty much out of battery. I plug it in to the charger but the cable seemed really short and the wall outlet was not in a good location so I had to stay on on one side of my bed and could not roll around :). So to fix this problem I took a USB extension cable I had lying around the house and connected it to the charger and then connected the cable that came with the charger to the USB cable and TADA! I had a charging cable that was twice as long.

Here is what the USB cable looks like: You can get a 10ft!!! cable if you want for for $0.06 + shipping on Amazon


This only works for people who have HTC phones that came out after the Fuze because HTC started using the detachable USB cable after the fuze. It might work for our favorite Iphone as well but I am not sure. I am sure one of you can tell me if it works for the Iphone chargers too.