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Naztech Boa Vertical Case – The Essence of Style

I use a hard shell on my HTC Surround so finding a case for it has been a challenge. The extra size of the shell comes close to matching the length and width of an HD2/HD7/Evo and adds a bit to the girth, so that’s where I have been focusing my search. I have tried several knockoff leather cases from eBay in the $5-$8 range, but hey you get what you pay for.  One only lasted four weeks before the ratcheting belt clip stopped ratcheting. And a couple might have worked for a raw HD2, but a bit snug for my device. I prefer a vertical case as it easier to retrieve your phone, along with a rotating metal belt clip (those plastic springy things suck). A few days ago I found this Naztech Boa vertical leather case at I already own a Naztech horizontal case and was really pleased with the quality so I didn’t waste any time ordering this one.

This is a premium, 100% hand stitched, leather case with a nice pebbled finish (think Boa) and magnetic flap.  It has a 360 degree, fixed swivel belt clip and some detailing that add to it’s elegance. The magnetic flap can be removed via two secure snaps, turning it into a slip case. That’s innovative. As an added bonus, the case comes with a matching belt clip/keychain. The interior back of the case is a smooth leather surface while the inside sides and front have a soft micro-fiber lining. Oh, BTW my phone fits perfectly in the case. Jimmy likes this one. The package identifies the case as “Size 5” with dimensions of; 115mm tall, 60mm wide and 25mm deep. The design of the case allows it to flatten out so a thinner phone will add additional width and vice versa. The one I picked up is Truly Black but you can also get this in Brownie Brown. I may just have to place another order. As far as compatibility, here are the devices that this case will fit. Think it covers pretty much every 3.5” to 4.3” model out there, but possibly a little too much room for the really skinny phones.


You can find the black or brown Naztech Boa for $24.95 today at Or check Naztech’s site for other good looking cases.