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I hate April 1st, with one exception

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that isn’t so totally ludicrous that you might even THINK of believing, so instead I offer a gathering of the jokes I’ve seen so far.’s newest products. The ONLY thing I actually look forward to on April 1st. And you should, too. Because some of the joke items actually become real. Like the tauntaun sleeping bag, and the unicorn meat SPAM. And the iCade, which is both really silly and amazingly retro-cool at the same time. (This link will change to non-joke stuff tomorrow, naturally.)

YouTube is selecting a winner from years of entries – it’s all been a contest. Yeah, this actually started when it was April 1st in the first part of the world, and my mom got caught by it. Sorry, mom.

Google Nose. I smell a rat. And it isn’t the rodent in Central Florida.

Go to Search for “Google”.  Nice dig.

Nokia announces the 5AM-TH1N6 microwave, their foray into kitchen appliances. Good for a chuckle, if only for the name. But it should have been colored VW Thing orange.

Google finds Captain Kidd’s treasure maps. Okay, I’m actually kind of liking this one too. Damn you, Google!

Emoticons for your photos on Google+. I need an emoticon costume for Halloween…

Renovate your home on Street View. Why stop there? Just put a new house on the lot!

Gmail Blue. Tag, Microsoft: you’re it. Oh, and thanks for the Blue Man Group cameo.

iFixit is known for tearing down our beloved gadgets, and this time they take on another apple competitor: the orange!

TechCrunch gets the scoop on the rumored iWatch. It’s a STRAP! (You said that in Adm. Akbar’s voice, didn’t you?)

WolframAlpha gets in on the act and goes retro with the Handwritten Knowledge Engine.

Virgin Atlantic launches a glass-bottom plane. I now have the beginning pages of “The Satanic Verses” running through my head. Thanks, VA!

The Windows Phone Locket. UGH-ly!

And those are just the technology-related ones that I’ve SEEN. I’m sure there’s more. What’s your favorite? I think my favorite from ThinkGeek this year is the Creeper Body Pillow. I’d so be Mom of the Year if I got that for my Minecraft-obsessed son!

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