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I Hate my HD2 Capacitive Screen and Keyboard

Image taken from XDA. Not my actual phone.

I have a Tmobile HD2 and I hate some aspects of the phone. I love the processing power of the phone and I love the size of the screen but here are the things I hate relating to the screen.

I really hate the fact that it does not have a physical keyboard and I hate the capacitive screen. I really miss not having a stylus and I miss having the fine control and precision pressing that I had with the stylus. One place where I really miss this precision and accuracy of the stylus is when I am watching youtube videos and I want to go to a certain time in the video. It is almost impossible to get to that certain time on the capacitive screen with my fingers.

I also miss being able to write down notes on my phone. I miss being in a class or a meeting or just writing a grocery list and quickly pulling out my stylus and jotting things down. Also having a stylus was cool, people were always “Wowed” when I pulled it out and started to write or draw on the screen. I can live with this problem but typing on the screen has me really pissed.

Another thing I hate about the capacitive screen is the fact that if there is even a small drop of water on the screen it starts freaking out and going spastic and I can not use the keyboard till I wipe down the screen. This just gets annoying because even if my fingers are slightly wet it is almost impossible to use my screen. I send about 3000 texts a month and use Palringo on my phone almost 24/7 so I use the keyboard on the screen a lot. I thought I would get used to keyboard when I bought the phone but NOPE!!. I miss the physical keyboard and every phone I buy from here on out will have a physical keyboard.

On a side note, someone want to explain the benefits of resistive vs. capacitive screens? I know I can look it up but I would much rather have the readers educate me and tell me I am a moron for hating capacitive screens. 🙂