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WiFi scanners for Windows Mobile

One of the good features of the iPhone is a great WiFi scanner which roams through different networks and pops up nicely when it locates a new hotspot.


Windows Mobile devices have different ways to scan for WiFi spots, and lately there are a lot of free tools available.


Here are some of the free alternatives I found:



WeFi is software loaded onto your mobile device which enhances your existing WiFi management software with a more powerful connection tool. The WeFi software automatically detects and qualifies all WiFi access points within range and connects you to the spot with the best Internet connection. If the WeFi software detects a new access point, it allows you to be the first to map it. WeFi also provides you with Instant Messaging tools, Allowing you to create a buddy list, and to see where your friends are currently connected.

Download WeFi (or read more)


This latest version of WeFiFoFum makes use of the latest features of .NET CF to give you the highest performance for war driving. With this version you can be confident your GPS logged coordinates for the networks you find are highly accurate, and can rely on a smooth user interface experience.
There is a PC msi installer which will install WiFiFoFum and the Compact Framework 2.0 into your ActiveSync so you can install and uninstall from your device as you please. Alternatively you can use the CAB version of WiFiFoFum which you can install directly on your device, however you will need to make sure you also have CF 2.0 installed aswell.


  • List view showing information such was WEP, SSID, MAC, signal strength(RSSI), latitude, longitude and location precision (HDOP)
  • Radar view conveys distance to access points
  • Save, load and merge XML files
  • Export to text, Wi-scan, Tom Tom POI, MemoryMap and Netstumbler (ns1) formats
  • Choose between Pocket PC 2003 toolbar or WM5 soft button look and feel
  • Aggressive scanning mode to find even more access points
  • New network found pop up blocker
  • Supports all wired and bluetooth GPS devices that use the NMEA protocol
  • Compatible with every WiFi card and Pocket PC device available (C-Guys SD card users need to use the NDIS compatible driver)

    Scan filters for WEP and ad hoc networks

    Download WeFiFoFum



    Hitchhiker helps you to connect your Pocket PC to the wireless Internet. Simply click "Connect" and it will try all nearby public access points. Hitchhiker will handle all settings for you and perform complicated tests to ensure you can connect to the Internet in no time. …

    * Powered by WiFi Graph technology
    * Now support HP iPAQ hx2755 and hx4700 device
    * Support both WEP and WPA-PSK encryption
    * Speedy connect to wireless Internet via public hotspot
    * Fire-and-forget, one click away from the wireless Internet
    * Change IP address without manually cycling WLAN device
    * "IP Fastlane" input for rapid IP address input
    * Secure Internet access with WEP and WPA-PSK
    * Reconfigure system settings for optimal connection speed
    * Perform complicated Internet connectivity tests automatically
    * Report if the connection requires login
    * Keep your connection history and report the "hit/miss" ratio

    Download HitchHiker


    WifiLocations is a simple program that will automatically activate WiFi on wifi enabled devices at user-specified locations. You DON’T need GPS ! You can add your current location (according to the nearest GSM/UMTS-cellsites {not supported in some zones of the world}) as a location where wifi will activated automatically. This is quite useful for people who want to activate voip over wifi when at a wifi internet network is available. You need to add the wifisettings yourself through WM5/6.

    Download link: WifiLocations freeware

    WiFi Monster

    This one is (I believe) the newest one. Not sure how mature it is, but it worth checking. Here’s the features list:

  • Show current WiFi status
  • Turn WiFi on and off
  • Finger friendly
  • It supports VGA and it looks nice after all

    Download WiFi Monster


    PeekPocket is a new Wifi sniffer. His MAIN advantage is : No installation!
    Just copy the EXE file onto your machine… and Voila !
    The functions are similar to other tools like this. Cherry on the cake, it automatically pick the colors of your theme.

    Download PeekPocket

    Well, that’s it for this one. If you are using another WiFi scanner, one which gives you a flexible transparent roaming and automatic alerts whenever a new spot is found – feel free to note them in a comment!

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