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Mobility Digest Review: Hornettek Solid Shield iPad 2

iPad 2 cases are hitting the market at a fast and furious pace as the demand for Apple’s top selling device continues to grow. HornetTek has released a pair of iPad 2 cases. Today we will look at the Solid Shield that is designed to protect the iPad 2 while doubling as a stand.

The case has a stylish leather exterior creating a look for the Solid Shield iPad 2 that works for either the business or casual user.

Author: Tom Ratas

Vendor: Hornettek

Price: $68.77

Overall Rating: 4/5

The Hornettek Solid Shield iPad 2 Case features a stylish unique design offering three viewing positions including a lower angle which is ideal for typing on the screen. The form-fitted design securely holds the iPad 2 in place. The hard-sided exterior acts as a sturdy protective cover. The soft interior lining adds color and protects the device against scratches.? The Hornettek Solid Shield iPad 2 provides full access to all the iPad 2 functions so the iPad 2 can be fully operational without ever leaving the case. Paired with an executive appearance and seamless functionality the Hornettek Solid Shield iPad 2 Case provides an attractive and functional way to carry and use the iPad 2.

Hornettek iPad 2 Solid Shield Casing key features/specifications:

Smart Cover installed, causing the iPad 2 to sleep when not in use and awake when in use.

Horizontal Design with 3 different viewing angles.

All functions, features, & buttons are accessible while installed.

What’s in the Box?

The Solid Shield arrives in a cardboard package with a clear window on the front and back revealing the case. The front has the HornetTek logo while the back lists the features of the Solid Shield.

Inside the package we find just the case. Covering the exterior of the Solid Shield is a black leather material. Since there is no listing of materials used I would assume that this is probably synthetic leather.

Looking at the front of the Solid Shield we see a notched area along the left 1/3 of the case which allows the cover to fold back for positioning into different viewing angles. On the middle right edge of the front is a plastic clip the snaps onto the back of the case to seal it closed.

The back of the case is also covered with the leather material with plastic sections of the inner iPad cradle visualized as well. Openings for the dock, speaker and camera are found along this plastic exposed material.

With the Solid Shield case open we find a velvet material on the inner front cover with three additional notches for positioning the case into various viewing angles. The right inside area houses the plastic black cradle that snaps onto the iPad 2 to hold it in place. A piece of Velcro holds the cradle on another case fold designed to manipulate the case’s conformation.


Impressions / Review:

Installation of the iPad 2 into the Solid Shield involves snapping the Apple tablet into the case’s cradle. Snapping off sections of the cradle off the iPad 2 facilitates removal of the iPad 2 out of the case. The plastic cradle is sturdy and well constructed. The iPad 2 rests snuggly and securely in this cradle; there are no worries about it sliding out.

HornetTek created the front cover with magnets along the edge allowing the Smart Cover feature on the iPad 2. The one thing about the cover I found to be aggravating was the clasp snap on closure used to close and lock the cover onto the back of the case. Trying to quickly open the Solid Shield iPad 2 case with this clasp was not so simple.

Appearance wise it looks pretty similar to numerous leather style iPad 2 cases. It is well constructed and appears designed to withstand mild to moderate trauma with ease. The padding of the case does add girth to the iPad 2 profile so keep that in mind.

As a stand the Solid Shield is able to rest in three viewing angles – an almost vertical position or two slightly more angled ones. This makes it great for viewing video or images but it does not double as a typing stand.

With the low profile of the Solid Shield all of the buttons and controls are easily accessible. There is an opening for the iPad 2’s speaker as well keeping the sound quality optimal while still protected by the Solid Shield.



The Solid Shield is a well-designed iPad 2 case which performs its job well. While it does not stand out from the crowd in the looks department it is nice enough to carry around for either the professional or personal iPad 2 user. It is versatile as it doubles as a stand as well as a case.

My main issue with the design is the snap over clasp, which was hard to open quickly. Otherwise it is a decent option for those who are looking for good protection for the iPad 2.


+Smart Cover enabled

+Well padded

+Quality build

+Full access to buttons and controls


-Front clasp in difficult to open quickly


-Generic looking leather iPad 2 case