logoMany like me enjoyed iHeartRadio when the popular streaming radio station service delivered their app for Windows Phone 7/7.5. So when the change to Windows Phone 8 happened and iHeartRadio didn’t immediately support the updated platform users were left with only the need to scramble and find another solution. Well fans of the service can rejoice as iHeartRadio has finally made the leap to Windows Phone 8. iHeart radio has ever-growing competition and it grows more competitive by the day. So far it has garnered 180 million downloads on other platforms to date. Apple’s iRadio feature debuting this fall is another strong competitor that is set to emerge. So it makes sense that iHeartRadio’s best course of action is to be on as many platforms as possible.

Platform features like pinning individual radio stations to the home screen. It also features a sleep timer which prevents battery drain in the case you fall asleep while listening to some sweet sounds. Of course it includes social features like sharing to Facebook. Download Here: iHeartRadio

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Source: TechCrunch


  1. iHeart Radio STILL blows, regardless of the quality of the app. TuneIn Radio has a lot more stations and better support. As a sidenote, iHeart Radio is a Clear Channel thing and I will not support them no matter what. My favorite station blocked the TuneIn stream and only supports iHeart. So now, I have a NEW favorite station and WLS-AM in Chicago can go pound sand.

  2. Waiting on a phone replacement so I have to wait to try it out. Still i’ll have to try out TuneIn Radio.

  3. Only US states to select from. GPS & neywork(??) detection does not work in Europe (here in Austria at least)
    but while the App reports that i have no net i still can select a US state and a radio station there manually and the streaming seems to work.

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