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i’m a wp7 reaches (passes) 100,000 users

Congratulations to developer Scott Peterson, as the i’m a wp7 app passed the 100,000 user mark sometime this morning. I know that for iPhone and Android users, news like this is meh, but for us WP folks, this is one more indicator that the platform is moving forward. Seeing that the built-in Facebook apps reached 1M users recently (fuzzy math puts total WP devices at 6M based on that number).

The app has certainly evolved since we introduced here on April 15th, with all kinds of goodies, and users near me have gone from less than 20 within a 20 mile radius to “too many to count”. Not being much of a social butterfly, I still find the statistics that Scott provides to be of most interest. It has been suggested that the numbers that this app provides are not really representative of the WP user base, but I have to humbly disagree. For example, since app stats became available, the total number of US users has not moved more than 5%, from 31% to 35%, indicating that the US most likely only represents 1/3 of all WP users. Another interesting stat is that 30% of all users have blue as their accent color. Blue happens to be the default color for, I believe, all WP devices out of the box, indicating that a good percentage of users are novices who have not done much more than turn their phone on and downloaded a few free apps. Total users on Mango now stands at 35%, with another 5-6% still running Mango beta. But to further support my novice theory, 11-12% of users are still running the original version of the OS, indicating that those users have never connected their phone to a computer. Short of Microsoft offering full disclosure, I think this is as close as you are going to get to knowing the demographics of WP users.

If you don’t already have the app on your phone why not “join the movement”. The app is free, without any ads to bug you. The developer made it clear to me that he created this app for no personal gain. He only wanted to give something back to the community. Thanks again, Scott. You can find i’m a wp7 in the Marketplace here.

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