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…i’m a wp7! – Find Other WP7 Users

Here is a fun little FREE app that just hit the Marketplace. I’m a WP7! shows you WP7 users nearby or around the world. You start out by having the app identify you by current location or via Postal Code. Or for the really paranoid, you can list yourself as ‘In the Cloud” so you can be counted without giving your location away. Everyone is labeled WP7 user so no personal information is revealed. But there is an option for developers to identify themselves as well as their developer name. The app uses a pivot format to move from the Community, which includes users from throughout the world, to Nearby which you can define by distance. There is also a screen for Search that allows you to define a radius up to 100 miles of your current location, or any postal code you enter.

There are a few settings to define your nearby search radius along with the max number of users to display for the nearby and community screens. Tapping any user opens a map zeroing in on that users location as well as anyone nearby. Finally there is a statistics screen identifying the total number of users and developers.

Simmons, before you get started, the app was only released yesterday and a few more sites will have to pick this up before the data becomes meaningful. But I know you have to know, so right now it’s 61, 52 users / 9 developers. Actually not bad for a few hours. Oh, and I did a 40 mile search from midtown and found a developer and a user in Brooklyn, plus a user in Teaneck. So if your not doing anything this weekend I might be able to point you in the direction of your first WP7 sighting. Damn, you might even bump into Ramon. I also found two users within 11 miles of me. Not bad as some of the other users are from; Copenhagen, Singapore, Germany, Philippines, Mexico, etc. The developer is from Richmond, TX and the app has no ads, and as noted it’s free.

Future updates include; Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn integration, plus the ability to send messages to other WP7 users around the world. So have some fun and download i’m a wp7! today. And don’t forget to spread the word so we can watch these numbers climb. You can find the app in Marketplace here or search on your phone for …i’m a wp7! app. Update, just hit 64, and counting


UPDATE: LuiD reported below, as of 5:40MST the app has reached 1,000 registered users. And as of 6:17MST, it’s up to 1,036, including 11 users within 25 miles of my home. Not bad for the first day in the marketplace. BTW, the developer has informed me that an update should make it to your phone with some tweaks and more stats in the next week.