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WM 6.5 Widgets Revealed

We’ve already discussed that WM 6.5 will come with a new widget engine (essentially it lets you make web apps that are easier to make and more streamlined). Well I’m sure a lot of our readers know (many first hand) that WM 6.5 has been floating around in cooked ROMs for a while now. So, with that in mind we thought we’d show off a few more pics from the actual widgets in action (not just the stock photos MS provided). So, here are some pics of them in action and these are all widgets that will be preinstalled in WM 6.5 ROMs. But if you really want to get Widgets now you can always upgrade your Fuze to the Herg-a-fied ROM (which is the source of these photos). Where can you get Herg-a-fied? Well just go to Herg’s corner in our forums for the latest Herg developments including a 6.5 test ROM with working widgets. Thanks of course to You Know Who for sharing.