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I’m tired of hearing about snapchat.

I am.  I am totally sick.  There is no legitimate reason for this app to garner so much interest.  It’s an app to send pictures.  You all act like this is some revolutionary/game changing feature for a phone.  Snapchat as a whole is used by a very small segment of the smartphone population.  Typically speaking these users are in the 15-25 age group.  I’ll tell you why.dump-girl-poses-9-pics_2

This app exists for absolutely nothing more than for girls and guys to send and receive (almost exclusively in that respective order,) nude photos to each other.  This gives the girls the piece of mind to act out their inner pornstar and also gives the guys the right ammunition to convince the otherwise sweet innocent girl that there are no repercussions to their spreading (ha) themselves around for the greater digital world to see.

So girls, stop listening to guys and thinking that all of this nudery just sort of gets spewed out into this digital black hole after the five seconds of viewing you give some guy to take a screenshot via his non-official snapshot app.  It’s easy to do and most likely is happening with all the photos you think aren’t getting saved.

Guys, stop exploiting girls into doing this.  You don’t need some stupid app to convince girls to do this in the first place.  Guys and girls have had the delicate negotiation of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” going on in playgrounds, linen closets, and probably even that weird part of the cave that no one went in where Fred and Wilma hit it off, since time immemorial.  If you have so little faith in your own negotiating skills then you’re probably not talking to girls anyway.

My point is that there is no legitimate need or purpose for an app like this outside of this clandestine use and any attempts to argue the other direction is most likely to mask the shame you’re feeling from having a little day light shed on your sullied practices.  I know parents would agree that this app is not necessarily evil but troubling for the parents of any young person.  For you young adults and possible dating adults in whatever age range, quit using this as a thinly veiled ruse for your debauchery.  Spades a spade as it were so let’s just drop pretenses and be honest with one another.  Snapchat is for sending nudes.  That is all. dump-girl-poses-9-pics_9