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Improve Your Golf Game With Your GPS Enabled Mobile Device and GolfLogix

Do you Golf a lot and want to improve your game using the latest in technology to do it? Then why not use your mobile device equipped with GPS! GolfLogix is a subscription based software that utilizes your devices GPS to help you determine the right yardage to everything from the front/back of the green to carrying that dreaded bunker. Check out the other features GolfLogix has:


  • Approach each shot with confidence. Get the distances to hazards, layups, and the front, center and back of the greens right on your phone.
  • Track your game like a pro. With our patented technology, capture all of your round statistics. See the distances of each shot, greens in regulation, fairways hit and more right on your HTC Touch Pro!
  • View your rounds at home. Sync each round to your personal website at Look at your performance over time, at different courses, with different clubs,or however you want to view it.
  • Play golf courses worldwide. With more than
    24,000+ golf courses mapped, search by city and state, or let GolfLogix automatically find your current location.
  • Hands-Free Use. Don’t want to press any buttons? No problem, GolfLogix gives you the option to auto-advance to each target. Just turn it on and play…It’s that simple.

For more information head on over to GolfLogix or Click Here. GolfLogix has a free 24 hour trial and will then cost a yearly subscription of $39.95. Seems a little steep I know, but if you golf a lot, you’re probably used to the high expenses!

Jump after the break for the complete GolfLogix press release.


Scottsdale, Arizona – October 5, 2009 GolfLogix now supports the HTC Touch Pro™ cell phone offering Windows™ mobile users access to the most widely-used golf GPS distance and stat-tracking cell phone based application. “We are dedicated to making our application available on the widest range of GPS-enabled phones and HTC Touch Pro gives us the market of Windows mobile users,” states Pete Charleston, president of GolfLogix, Inc. As with all of its cell phone applications, GolfLogix is offering a 24-hour free trial to allow golfers to download the application to their phones and try it for a round. After the 24-hour trial period, golfers are invited to become a GolfLogix community member for $39.95 per year. Membership includes access to more than 24,000+ golf course maps worldwide, a personalized statistic tracking website, distance information on every round, automatic score tracking, club data, accessory discounts, software and map data upgrades, and more.

“We are pleased to add the HTC Touch Pro. It works well with GolfLogix. It has a convenient slide-out keyboard and a sharp VGA touchscreen. Our application is very easy-to-use and so is the HTC Touch Pro,” adds Charleston. GolfLogix on the HTC Touch Pro gives golfers convenient distances to the front, center and back of the greens as well as layups and major hazards on golf courses worldwide. Plus they have access to GolfLogix’ scoring and round tracking technology. This allows golfers to analyze and compare round data such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, distances of each club and more right on their HTC Touch Pro phones or on a personalized website hosted by GolfLogix.

Currently, GolfLogix can be downloaded to more than a dozen GPS-enabled phones including the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Curve™, BlackBerry Bold™, BlackBerry Tour™ and BlackBerry Storm™. “Our development team is working on making our application available on all open GPS-enabled cell phones. We are not limiting ourselves to a particular service provider or brand,” states Pete Charleston. “We have been a leader in golf GPS for 10 years now and we feel that it just makes sense to have people use the device that they are already comfortable with.” The HTC Touch Pro is the first Windows Mobile application phone that GolfLogix has supported and the Company plans to introduce more over the next few months.

GolfLogix golf application can be downloaded directly from the Company’s website or is available in a convenient boxed gift set. The gift set includes a one-year membership to GolfLogix’ advanced Golf GPS application and stat-tracking software, an external portable 5,000 mAh battery charger that extends the battery life of a cell phone—or most any rechargeable portable device—up to 30 hours, a universal suction-cup mount for golf cart/dashboard mounting and a custom carrying case. The GolfLogix Ultimate Gift Pack retails for $149.95 and is available at sports retailers and online at