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A Fruity Game You’ll Enjoy

Like Bejeweled? Good- then you’ll like Fruity:) The goal is to get chains of at least 3 like kind pieces in a row and you can accomplish this by swapping the positions of two adjacent fruits. Sounds simple enough…and jakobdam’s version is clean, quick and easy to use. Oh, did we mention it’s also free?:) You can play easy, medium and hard (for when you’re ready to go pro :)) And newly added is the ability to reshuffle the board to give you another chance when you get stuck. Graphically it’s very nice and game play is responsive and quick as expected. Great work!

You can download Fruity for VGA (Touch Pro) and WVGA (Touch Pro 2) devices here from XDA. This is a Flash based game so if you don’t have Flash Lite installed (which is not a stock app) then download it from the same posting as well. And while you’re there make sure to buy a beer for jackob for his hard work and contribution to your new addiction:)