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In Call Recording Enabled For Touch Pro

There was a leak a few weeks ago of a Touch HD ROM that had in call recording (ICR) enabled. This was a shock since ICR was supposed to be impossible due to hardware limitation (apparently not). In no time it was ripped from that ROM and ported to other Touch HD ROM’s and now Touch Pro users can use it as well. I have tested this on a Fuze with a stock ROM and I can confirm that it works. Once enabled, your dialer will have a new option in the menu (right soft key) to record calls (it becomes active once the call is in progress). You’ll hear a tone and it will record both sides of the conversation and does not require a headset to work. There is a standalone application that will also be added to your programs directory. You should change the settings there to record in wav for better quality and you may want to set it to save to your storage card. 

So what do you need to do to get this to work? Just install this file, soft reset and you’re set.  I recommend installing this to your device (not storage card). This will install a fresh version of Slide to Answer as well. If you don’t like the loud beep when you start recording just follow these instructions. A lot of members of XDA had a hand in this but I want to particularly thank tego and irus for packaging this for the Fuze.

Pease note that in some locations recording a call is illegal or requires consent of the other party. This site takes no responsibility for your use of this software and should ensure it is permissible to record a call based on your location and use.

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