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Say Goodbye To Windows Mobile, Say Hello to Windows Phones

If the rumors that have been floating around the last couple of days are correct, then we could all be saying goodbye to Windows Mobile in favor of what Steve Ballmer called in his CES Keynote as Windows Phones. It does make sense that Microsoft would try to bring their Windows Mobile Operating System on par with from a marketing aspect to their Windows PC Based Software. The integration would definitely be a shot in the arm for Windows Mobile who is looking forward to a Version 6.5 release this year instead of the full blown, revamped Windows Mobile 7 that we have been looking forward to. This move comes especially now that Windows 7 that has been been so well received by testers as the new Microsoft PC Operating System to replace the struggling Vista with.

From DigiTimes:

Microsoft, which is planning to unveil its Windows Mobile 6.5 platform at the Mobile World Congress soon, has decided that, going forward, Windows Mobile-based handsets will be promoted simply as Windows phones without specifying an OS version number, according to market sources in Taiwan.

So say Hello to Windows Phones, but don’t look for all your favorite Websites to run and start registering Domain Names with Windows Phones in it. At least for now.

Source: DigiTimes via WMExperts