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Infinity Blade Arena coming May 19th

infinitybladearenaThis is the update that all Infinity Blade fans have been waiting for including me, multiplayer! That’s right, coming this May 19th, an update to all current owners of Infinity Blade will be getting Infinity Blade Arena which is the multiplayer update that uses the Game Center online to challenge your friends! Take on the role of the Titan or Knight and proceed to kick the crap out of your friends (Chris Leiter)! There is also a Survivor mode that looks kick ass where you have to survive obviously against a legion of Titans to see how long you can last.

If you are looking to just stay with the single player player version, it looks like there are going to be some updates as well. I finally got the Infinity Blade and beat the Godless Kings and have mastered all items twice. I am stuck right now trying to get to level 100 and currently at level 67. I’m not a big fan of how the game incorporated spending extra money to get a higher level. To me, skill should have determined your weapons and skill level, but I understand developers need to make money too. 

Infinity Blade will be having a live chat tonight at 9pm EST with ChAIR’s Donal and Geremy Mustard and Senior Producer Simon Hurly on Facebook.

Infinity Blade: Arena
  • Enter the Arena:  Assuming the role of Titan or Knight, Infinity Blade fans can now challenge their friends to multiplayer matches online via Game Center!
  • Survivor Mode: Players face off against a legion of Titans to see how far they can go!
  • New Holiday Helms!  A new helm for every season, ready to be played and mastered!
  • More than two dozen new magic rings, swords, shields, and helmets for players to collect and master.
  • New Facebook integration allows fans to view their character on their profile and take a screen grab to share with friends.



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