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Intel Powered Tablets Coming To Challenge The iPad

The Apple iPad may be “Magical” to some but Intel is betting that some extra horsepower will be all the rage for others in the very near future. At an Investor Meeting Intel Vice President Mooly Eden said that:

"People ask me, are you serious about trying to participate in the tablet market? The answer is yes…The message is stay tuned for Computex,"

More horsepower under the hood is what you can expect from new Tablets sporting the dual-core Atom processor coming from Intel. Mooly says that: “"(People) want it to multitask. So, we deliver dual-core to be able to do several things in parallel," he added: "We believe performance is relevant even in this category (because of the need to multitask),"

With the Apple iPad selling 1 Million within 28 days of launch, the overall market looks pretty good for Intel to power tablets sporting Windows 7, Google Android, or Intel’s own Linux-based Moblin software. And not only will the Intel processors find their way into new Tablets but we can also look for much more enhanced Netbooks as well. So for all of you that weren’t so enchanted with the “Magical” powers of the iPad, stay tuned, because it looks like Intel is about to get serious about the Tablet market!

(via CNET)