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iOS 6 not playing nice with iTunes Match

For the those of you who rely on iTunes Match, iOS 6 may not be your best friend. Check out the list of changes and/or oddities slipped through the cracks caused by iOS 6.

iTunes Match functionality seems to be crippled in iOS 6:

  • You cannot swipe delete an individual song from your iPhone
  • You cannot swipe delete an entire album from your iPhone
  • You cannot download an individual track from an album, only the entire album
  • When ‘Show all music’ is selected, you cannot tell which songs / albums are stored on your phone as it shows them all with no indication of whether they’re stored locally or in the cloud.

The impacts of all of this are:

  • Once you have downloaded music to your iPhone, you can no longer delete it. Which means that eventually your iPhone will be full.
  • You cannot decide to download just the tracks you want to listen to from an album any more. It’s the whole thing or nothing.

These are serious changes to the way iTunes Match works on iOS devices and there has been nothing from Apple explaining the changes, users have been left to figure it out themselves. I’m not sure I want to pay for this service any more. Anyone else feel the same?

This post was found in apple support forums, feel free to leave your input there.


source tuaw