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Flash on your iPhone no Jailbreaking Required

Unless you are totally new to the iPhone then you know that it does not play Flash (Adobe) embedded video content. Apple has chosen to walk the HTML5 trail instead which has basically stopped you from viewing an estimated 75% off all video content on the internet according to Adobe. So what are iPhone, iPod, and iPad device owners supposed to do? Aside from Jailbreaking, which a lot of folks don’t want to do, there is just one option, and that is only for iPhone owners at this time, Skyfire. Skyfire is a clever work around that pulls Flash embedded video content from the website you are at and then converts it to Apple approved HTML5 server side, and allows the user to view the video. WE have a ton on Skyfire, which was one of the biggest single day grossing apps of all time when it launched by CLICKING HERE..

However there is another way freshly discovered by BGR that will allow you to view the same Flash Embedded Video content without having to Jailbreak or pay for the Skyfire App. The instructions below say to install OPlayer or the Lite version of OPlayer to view the embedded videos, I did not install it and it worked for me. Here are the instructions:

First you have to install OPlayer or OPlayer Lite from App Store to your iOS device.

Please notice: OPlayer is required to watch embedded videos provided by!

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Open this page on your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad or iPod)
  • 2. Hit the + button, select Add Bookmark and tap the Save button
  • 3. Open your bookmarks by tapping the bookmark icon and press Edit
  • 4. Choose iOSFlashVideo
  • 5. Delete everything before "javascript:" and hit Done
  • 6. Close bookmarks and you are ready

It is important to consider that you have to do all of the steps described above only once. After that you can enjoy your videos by tapping to bookmark of iOSFlashVideo.

And the video (it’s not in English, but you will get the idea)

Pretty cool! Been watching Dr. Dre’s new video on Dailymotion, so head on over to your formerly un-viewable favorite Flash embedded website and enjoy!