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iPad 2 launch day who’s gettin’ some?

Since CES this year I have been getting more and more into tablets and have had a chance to play with a lot of them including the original iPad. I really enjoyed the experience that the iPad does with all the apps that I struggle to use because of the limited screen size on the iPhone. I know a lot of people are saying that tablets are a toy, but I travel quite often and I am seeing a lot more professionals using tablets to minimize their carry-on burdens and maximize their down time being productive. As my job has evolved, I have found myself less “work” oriented and a lot more “sales” oriented. Channeling information and spreadsheets, not just “working” them. My actual “need” for a laptop has become less and less. I think a lot of folks like the simpler mobile experience better than a pc experience especially when traveling. So for me a tablet has become a much easier way to be productive faster, and easier.

Today Apple is launching the iPad to and it will be available after 5pm at retails stores.

I will be one of the many people in line at my Best Buy store locally to get one. I have already been told that the white iPad will not be available at launch at Best Buy, or at least my local Best Buy, but no matter, I am in line for standard color Wi-Fi only version. I will always have my iPhone with me and with the release of iOS 4.3, Personal Hotspot is real! To me this is a better way of handling internet when Wi-Fi is not around because I can connect my other devices like my collegues laptops when the situation calls. Now for all you jail broken iPhone users with unlimited data plan we were are keeping until they pry it from our lifeless video streaming fingers, we got MiWi to fix us up!

So pricing, let’s recap so everyone thinking of getting an iPad 2 won’t have to go any further than Mobility Digest:

iPad 2 Pricing:

Wifi only version of the iPad 2:

  • 6gb: $499
  • 32gb: $599
  • 64gb: $699

For the Wifi + 3G versions add $130 to each version listed above:

  • 16gb: $629
  • 32gb: $729
  • 64gb: $829

Data Plans:


  • $14.99 will get you 250MB of data which would be great for getting you to and from Wi-Fi locations. If you  blow past this you will just keep racking up $15 dollar charges for every 250MB you use.
  • $25 bucks will get you 2GB of data which I think most folks would be fine using as a full time connection choice unless you like streaming Hulu or Netflix, then forget it. Not happening. I blow past that monthly on my iPhone. Also keep in mind that AT&T is running a special when you sign up for the 2GB you get a free month free.


  • $20 for 1GB of data. This is $5 dollars more than AT&T’s base plan and gives you 750MB more data. Not too bad but I still think these plans are way too expensive.
  • $35 for 3GB of data. This is probably the plan I would go with if I was forced to use Big Red. For me 3GB doesn’t cut the video streaming but for most people this would be the best of the 4 evils.
  • $50 for 5GB of data. At this price I just can’t justify that much data. This is my average monthly data but I am not spending $50 bucks more for it.
  • $80 for 10GB of data. Is there really anyone that pays for this? Wow!

So are you heading down to get an Ipad 2 today? Holla people, we want to hear from ya! Also, if you are in line,  click off a few pictures of your local retailer and the line for the iPad 2. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here is more info: