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iPad Mini too Good? Are you kidding me?

ipad miniI read this article today and three things caught my attention.

1. Cannilbalization? iPad mini has cannilbalized their own product.

2. The screen, camera, and price are bad, but who cares?

3. A better version is yet to come…

Let me begin by expounding on item number one. The author of this article talks about how this “phablet” is going to set the new standard for the 7 inch tablet and others are going to TRY to mimic it like they did the iPod. First, this is already Apple’s version of (poorly) mimicking the competition. While kick- starting the tablet market, they are late to the game on the 7 inch (or 7.9 inch) tablet market. They are already cannilbalizing their competition and themselves. More important here, however, is like those who tried to mimic the iPod, Apple is failing in their attempt. They threw something together because they were “Never going to make a 7 inch tablet” and the result is subpar. It is late to the ballgame and it is an inferior knockoff at that. They took their own great product, combined it with other’s successful idea of 7 inch tablets, added some extra screen real estate (so it was “original”) and downgraded almost everything else.

Which brings up item number 2. Let me be the first to say, I own Apple products, but I am far from a fan boy (if that isn’t obvious already). This is my number one pet peeve (today anyway) about iLovers. When something from Apple is inferior it is written of as unimportant/unnecessary. There are already 7 inch tablets out there with better screen resolution and camera quality for a cheaper price. It boggles my mind that people are going to be willing to PAY MORE for and INFERIOR product. How often does this happen outside of this? In the era of extreme couponing where everyone is looking for the best product for the absolute lowest price, how is this even happening? Accept less AND pay more. Seriously?!

Finally, a better version is yet to come… We live in a world where technology is advancing faster than most of us can comprehend. Buy the latest technology today and by the time you have it in your hands and ready to go it will be outdated. The iPad mini, however, is yet another example of Apple unfathomably leaving out technology of today just so they definitely have “someplace to go” when they release the next version. If nothing else drastic happens in the next 9 months, at least they will be able to update the processor, update the display, update the cameras and release the iPad mini 2. At which time, they will happily collect your $300+ so you can upgrade to the latest outdated technology