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Handoff and Continuity features of iOS, iCloud and Yosemite are the best

Hey iPhone, iPad, Mac how are you liking these new features Handoff and Continuity of iCloud. I like them definitely. Now since I could sign-in into iCloud from Windows, if they extend it to Windows PCs too, that would be great. Yesterday I was working on some iOS development and my iPhone and iPad Air are somewhere in the home. At that time someone from my office called my iPhone (normally I use Windows Phone for business), at the same time my iPad and MacBook Air started ringing, and I picked up the call immediately from my MacBook Air.


Now since Microsoft has right ingredients integrated into Windows 8+ onwards like Skype, and OneDrive and you could trust devices with your Live Account, they could do the same easily, handing off calls and messages between Windows Phone and Windows (8+ and RT).


Now coming to Continuity, I could sort of do it with OneNote and OneDrive, now if they extend it to rest of the Office Stack and Browser (both desktop and Modern UI versions and Mobile version), that would be really nice. They are already doing this Modern Mail, and Outlook (if it is configured with your Live account), but if they could allow it to do more than just Live and Exchange accounts, that would be really nice.


These two features with announced free MDM integration with Office 365, will definitely be appreciated by businesses and gives more leg and room to expand Windows Phone adaptation.


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