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IPEVO Releases Perch Stand for Apple’s iPad

Hmm, originally I was thinking this was kind of goofy but then I thought about it and checked out the pictures and see how it could be useful. The Perch is a stand for your iPad and it let’s the iPad sit elevated for easy viewing and access. It’s kind of neat, I wouldn’t mind having one for my Android tablet so I could have it sitting here next to me instead of leaning up against my computer as it is now. It’s available in three sizes with pricing from $49.95 for the small, $79.95 for medium and $129.99 for the large.

Perch is available in three different sizes according to height — Small, Medium, and Large. For each size, users can choose from either iPad or iPad 2, and black or white. Products range in price — $49.95 for the Small stand, $79.95 for the Medium stand, and $129.00 for the Large stand.

Stands are named after the different intended behaviors and environments for which they are designed. The Small (S), or Desktop model, is compact enough to fit on tabletops, kitchen countertops, bar counters, reception desks, and similar. The Desktop model can also be used along with a wireless keyboard for a laptop-style setup. The Medium (M), or Sofa model, is intended for sitting users, whether on a sofa, chair, or bed. The Large (L), or Podium model, is tall enough for standing users, and can be used as an "iPodium" for presentations and speeches.

Perch is created with a simple, modern style intended to visually complement the iPad. The base is made from steel to provide a sturdy foundation and is designed with flat, V-shaped feet. These feet can be slipped under sofa and beds or positioned at the corners of furniture to bring the iPad closer to the user. The pole (or leg) of the stand is constructed with a forged aluminum alloy which lends both lightweight portability and durability. And the iPad holder is made from a double-injected, heavy-duty plastic and soft silicon for device protection and stability. The iPad is installed via a gentle push into the ribbed lip of the holder, and may be easily removed with a special grip tab. A triangular cutout on the back of the holder further facilitates removal, such that the user may grasp the back of the iPad. Perch’s design mounts the iPad in an ideal position for a wide range of user interactions.

The Perch family of stands for iPad and iPad 2 will be available through IPEVO’s online store at