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iPhone 4G Screen Gets Real?

Looks like we may be getting more of the iPhone 4G leaks as SmartPhoneMedic has posted a video on what looks to be the upcoming iPhone 4G screen. Said to be a 3.7 inch screen, it would be only slightly larger than today’s iPhone screen of 3.5 inch. But the body of the leaked iPhone 4G appears to be bigger as well, but does not add any more width to the device.  Check out the video:

Looks like Apple will indeed be sending a CDMA version to Verizon and ending the stranglehold AT&T has kept on the iPhone. However, June may be when AT&T gets a new version of the iPhone to keep their loyal base happy. More to come. Send us tips on the new iPhone 4G and let us know if you are interested in blogging. We are looking for some iPhone Device owners wanting to spread the word!


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