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iPhone 5 redesigned set for Fall 2012 launch ?

Before I go any further there is nothing new here other than that BGR has got some further info from an Apple tipster that is said to confirm the Apple iPhone 5 for Fall 2012. It essentially lists all of the standard iPhone 5 rumors from last year which is that the total redesign will make the iPhone 5 more akin to it’s iPad 2 big brother.

The rounded back side of the iPhone 5 it was said that there will be a bezel separating the  back side with a rubber/plastic material from the glass front. Of course the 4 inch screen is still said to be in the works which is a huge plus for me. After using the HTC Titan daily in conjunction with the iPhone 4S, the 3.5 inch screen leaves me longing for more display real estate. Whether or not it is curved glass or not remains to be seen, regardless, if there is one rumor I hope to be true, is that there will be a 4 inch plus screen come next fall.

Also, it appears just like the iPad 2, there will be some plastic inserts above the antennas  so that an aluminum back cover can be used. I really like this adaptation into the iPhone 5 and folks wishing to carry around naked devices will find his an easy fit into their pockets.

Now, if this all holds true, the iPhone will undoubtedly be another huge hit with the Apple base. That is pretty much a no brainer given the slightly modified Apple 4S was a huge success for Apple. I don’t see much change in 2012  as Apple will no doubt be very successful again with the iPhone 5 in the fall if this is the device they will launch in the Fall.