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iPhone 5S rumors: Super HD display, NFC and Colors

iPhone 5S rumors Super HD display, NFC and Colors

Ah yes, rumors, what better way to get your hopes up. Behind every great rumor is a great analyst, this time around, these set of rumors are sponsored by the same analyst who went out on a limb and said Apple’s full HD TVs were in production and well on their way for 2012.

So what is Peter Misek saying this time around? The iPhone 5S is to come with a Super HD Display, onboard NFC, an upgraded camera and an exciting 8 new color options. Well then, of course we have no way of knowing just how true any of this is, but what we do know, is Apple is intended to kill you to death with incremental releases until you can’t take it any more! And when you’ve reached your boiling point, here, have a new color. They’re so smart….those Apple guys!